Fashion File: Amira Ashour

Amira moved to the Middle East six years ago from California when her husband was offered a job in Dubai. She became one of the first street style photographers in the city famous for its hot weather and socialites jumping from cars to the interior without really being spotted walking on the street…

29.10.15, 14:30

The three things you love most about living in Dubai? 

It's skyhighs, beautiful social life and the beach all year round. I love everything about it! 

How your style evolved through the years? 

I am more of a rock-and-roll girl. My style is edgy chic. Oh wow, I went through so many phases in my life, but I am so happy of what I have become because my style has evolved so much through the years. 

What is it to be a street style photographer/blogger? 

Anything is fun if you have a passion for it, it's impeccable. It's the rush you get when you see the beauty of a woman dressed in total style. 

It's amazing how you can take a simple image and transfer it into an amazing story, and that's the cool part of it. 

A white t-shirt , cool pumps and a sequinned skirt or pants are the 3 must haves in my wardrobe.

The 3 places one can find you most often in Dubai.

Beach, fish restaurants and kids areas.

What one should wear to look like the coolest kid on the block during a Dubai fashion week?

There's so much to fashion that its overwhelming to choose. But I dont plan what I wear. It depends on my mood, and the event of course, but I love puttung odd things rogether like a lace skirt with a funky t-shirt, or a cool gown with sneakers. 

Amira Ashour

What are your favorite fashion brands?

I love to discover new brands and different garments... So I love local designers like Madiyah, Dima Ayad.

I also love Dolce&Gabbana, Roksanda.

Best Muslim fashion designers?

This part of the world is full of amazing talents. 

My favorites are Reem Alkanahal and Madiyah Alsharqui. 

New York looks vs. Dubai looks?

Dubai women are too designer chic and modest, women in New York are effortlessly chic, so they can mix and match trainers or heels and get away with it. In Dubai every little detail of a woman's look has to simply be perfect. Dubai is an international hub and it accommodates the art of diverse styles, love the funky abayas like the Bint Thani collection, on the other hand you find amazing blazers, like Fozaza. everything is so funky and creative, the only thing that's disturbs me are the exaggerations of tight garments and skin appearance. 

Fav spots for a night out? 

Coya at the Fourseasons and Governor House in the Marina. 

Stars who inspire: 

Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Egyptian artist Faten Hamama. Well, my mom has been and will always be my inspiration, always chic and elegantly dressed till this day. She would wear this amazing printed ensembles with absolute pride and make it look so effortless. I was also inspired by my grandmother who constantly wore Chanel from head to toe. 

If I were allowed to take only one look for a weekend in New York, it would be… 

…a couture hip dress. 

My fashion forecast for the next year: 

A fully printed Stella Jean dress, oval-heeled Dior stilettos and a beaded Anthony Vaccarello skirt. The fashion advice that I always stick to. Keep it simple but totally detailed, if it's too tight never wear it! If it's too revealing on top, please cover it up from the bottom and vise versa. 

How to be stylish when it’s plus 45 Celsius?

Cotton, light clothing and lots of deodorant. Style it up with accessories and you're good to go!

My beauty routine. 

A good face wash and a day and night creams, creamy bronzer that looks natural, minimal makeup and a vibrant lip color. Hair should be simple.

Favorite website: 

My ideal vacation getaway place would be..

Santorini, Greece, with all the cool shopping and the gorgeous beaches and sunkissed skin.

My ideal bag/pair of shoes:

A funky stella McCartney bag and white sneakers or Sophia Webster heels for night.

Best wellness tricks:

Working out, eating well ans staying away from fizzy drinks and fast food, but most of all enjoying life with positivity!

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