Fashion File: Dalia El Ali

The founder of Dee by Dalia clothing line shares her love for Dubai and gives tips on how to look your best while living there

10.04.16, 01:30

I've been living in Dubai since childhood, my family moved here for work. It has become my home, and after I graduated, I came back here. I love Dubai and different cultures that have mixed in the city.

My favorite shops in Dubai are Sauce and Harvey Nichols, the best spots for a night out – Zuma and LPM, so basically I like to hang around DIFC.

Diversity, perfection, and easy life are the things I love most about Dubai. And the beach, it's so relaxing.

I'm passionate about fashion. I have my own women's ready-to-wear line that has a casual twist to it. 

I love working with leather, because it gives this reach and vintage look to the outfit and ages nicely. Leather jackets and blazers are my all-time favorites. 

Fashion in the Middle East is a bit sophisticated. Lately it started getting more unique with a twist from the international fashion.

My main style tip for Dubai residents is to always add a unique item to their looks – bag, shoes, hat or jacket.

I am a shopaholic, I love unique pieces that speak. I'd say that the best way to describe my personal style is edgy.

I can't live without leather jacket, jeans and t-shirts in my wardrobe. Everything I wear needs one of this pieces to style it perfectly.

I’d never wear large floral prints. It's not me, I'm not girly.

What makes a woman beautiful is confidence and kindness. 

A fashion guru advice that is always in my heart: be yourself, dress as if no one judges, and don't care. 

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