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We are not going to stop you from conducting beauty-experiments even during fitness. Instead we are going to tell you the best way to do them.

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Rule number one: Cleansing

As always, proper makeup begins with proper cleansing. And with fitness activities you need to wash up even more often than usual – your face knows how to sweat too, just like the rest of your body. 

As a result – an increased release (through pores) of toxins and metabolic products which is why you need to choose an effective and soft cleanser suitable for your type of skin. 

Such product is best coupled with an exfoliant, preferably without large abrasive particles. For example, a cleansing oil wash Precleanse and Daily Rice Microfoliant (all by ® Dermalogica) can perfectly fit in your sports routines. 

The sequence is as follows: first apply oil on wet skin with light massage movements. The product should nearly immediately turn into light foam. Carefully massage your face for another few minutes and then wash off product with warm water using two facial sponges. Then put a little bit of microfoliant on your palm, add water as if your palm was a bowl and stir. Once again put light foam-like substance on your skin and work through T-zone with circular movements. Wash off with water and sponges. 

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara

Rule number two: marked waterproof

Any cosmetics you use for fitness must be waterproof so that it does not get smudged. Admit it, sometimes aerobic exercises make it seem like your entire body melts and flows to the ground. What kind of makeup can survive that? Waterproof and waterproof only. And also… Avoid putting moisturizing creams and lotions on your face before those workouts. If you do - the foundation will disappear halfway through and you will witness the rest of makeup “blurring” away also. 

Try using a light foundation with convenient kabuki brush Light-Expert Click Brush by Terry. It perfectly covers your skin and is resistant to excessive sweating. Secure the effect with transparent mineral powder (in addition to creating an even tone it deals with excess sweat and sebum). Pick a brand for yourself, currently nearly every brand has excellent representatives of this beauty-kind. 

Rule number three: when more is better

Lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, eye shadows and eye liners are not meant for sports. You need to forget about them when it comes to workouts. Same applies to any products based on fats and oils. Even the ones that create “wet effect” or have dense texture must be put aside. Replace them with silicone-based cosmetics. Silicone molecules are too large to penetrate into your skin pores and therefore stay on the surface as a thin protective film. 

 lip glosses

lip glosses

Rule number four: color correction

Grading gel or mascara can help you save the form and color of your eyebrows. Unlike shadows and pencils these products will work heavy-duty even if you decide to run a marathon. Why eyebrows? Any makeup artist will tell you that if you want to highlight just one thing on your face it must be them. Clear forms of eyebrows define the entire face and make it more vivid. Lip color is not a problem. Remember we have told you to avoid lipsticks and lip glosses? Get a tint (an excellent Korean invention similar to liquid pigment of professional product lines) or a regular contouring pencil (apply it on the entire surface of your lips). 

Rule number five: disguise

If you suddenly get skin problems (acne is an unexpected and treacherous enemy) and mineral powder cannot cope with its camouflage task, hide redness with a local-effect product. 

You will need a thick and dense concealer which is normally sold in compact form or tubes. Remember, it must be thick regardless of what we have told you in rule number one! Liquid concealers will hardly withstand the easiest warm up on a treadmill. If you put just a little bit of concealer on, it certainly will not hurt your skin. 



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