The 10 most beautiful women of Azerbaijan continues to admire the beauty of women from different countries

03.12.15, 10:00

SHOLYA SAFARLIYEVA has been singing since childhood. It started with “Beri-bah” band and has grown into being a soloist at a legendary Azerbaijani band Qaya. Showbiz loves Sholya for her honesty, sincerity and kindness. Friends readily support this talented woman, and thanks to this support she records new songs and releases videos more often than many of her colleagues. Everyone who knows Sholya personally share the opinion that she is an exceptionally good person. All of these wonderful qualities are topped with another outstanding one – Sholya is a real beauty. We think, putting the microphone aside for a little, she would have looked quite natural on the pages of glossy magazines.

AYSEL MANAFOVA – “Miss Azerbaijan 2012” and simply one of the most gorgeous women of Baku. Aysel represented her country at the international Miss Asia USA 2012 contest. She frequently appears on adverts, fashion magazines and catalogues of famous clothing brands in her home country. Aysel does not seem to pursue modeling career of an international scale. And why would she when she is so loved back home. 

PANIZ YOUSEFZADEH – this is who has definitely glorified the beauty of Azerbaijani women globally! Canadian model, Miss Universe Canada 2010 beauty contest finalist was born in Tehran and moved to Vancouver with her family when she was 10. She proudly states that her ancestors were ethnic Azerbaijanis in all of her interviews. That gains her even more love and popularity in her historic homeland. 

AYLAR DIANATI LIE – is a Norwegian model and actress. She was born in 1984 in Tehran. Ethnically Aylar is Iranian Azerbaijani and yes she is a beauty. However the roles she gets in movies are not given to her just because of her spectacular looks but also for her undoubted dramatic talent. Yes, such things happen too. 

GUNEL HUMBATOVA is well known in Azerbaijan as a TV host and a little less as a singer. Gunel takes pleasure in appearing at major party events of Baku frequently. She loves attention from her fans and flashes of the camera. Her Instagram page is entirely dedicated to her beautiful and loved self. Oh well, we guess beautiful women are always allowed to enjoy it a little more… 

“Miss Epatage” – singer ELYANE AHMEDOVA. Her career has started at a popular Azerbaijani project Yeni Uldiz, continued at a national selection for “Eurovision 2011”where she has been noticed by the representatives of Turkish “Star Factory” in which the singer stayed for fairly long representing her home country Azerbaijan. Elyane is constantly at the center of attention thanks to her extraordinary image and innate artistic talent. 

LEILA ALIYEVA – is the eldest daughter of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev and vice-president of Heydar Aliyev’s Fund. She is beautiful, smart and active. She is also a loving mother. According to the press recently Leila’s family which already has two twin sons welcomed another child – the adopted daughter whom Leila met at the orphanage that she oversees. 

DILARA KYAZIMOVA’s name is familiar to every progressive citizen of Azerbaijan. She is the star of a fashionable club Eleven, a beautiful singer performing lounge music who previously used to sing in a rock band and who used to be far from glam life. As for today Dilara Kyazimova sets the tone for club life in Baku, and that goes beyond just music. This young woman is popular, beautiful and has her own listeners and viewers who find her a million times more interesting than any other foreign performer. 

ANDREEA KERIMLI - Romanian model of Azerbaijani origin.

JAVIDAN GURBANOVA – is a beauty pageant titleholder crowned as “Miss Bahar 2014” and “Miss Azerbaijan 2014”. 

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