Justyna Robinson: "I am a funny person and I make people laugh"

The founder of Justinfashion.today moved to Dubai from Europe due to her husband's new work. Justyna, 29, exudes joy of life, be it drawing the shoes of her dream or making friends laugh. Learn more about what makes this gorgeous girl tick

16.11.15, 20:47

Dubai is so cosmopolitan and open minded to other nationals. I love the architecture, too. Ok, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really like the modern and futuristic take on buildings and surroundings. I also like the opportunities available here. It's not easy to get involved in full-time projects, but if you work hard and have the right approach and positive attitude, you will get there sooner or later. And lastly I love the weather (even in August when is super hot). I spent 10 years in rainy Ireland and now I really enjoy waking up to the blue sky. 

I am quite interesting person (well I believe so). My husband always says he never knows what to expect when he comes from work. I could be painting, sewing new things, cutting some old clothes or making pickled cucumbers. I am very spontaneous, so when I feel like doing something I just get up and do it.  

I grew up in very small village in Poland, where the population is probably smaller than the total number of people living in my apartment tower in Dubai. I really like where I grew up, how I was raised, and what I've learnt from my parents and grandparents. I am not scared off by heavy man jobs and bruises - but I also know how to cook and work in the garden. I think all of the girls raised in small villages can relate to this…  

People in the fashion industry don't know that my background is actually Analytics. I worked in Business Intelligence as Global Data Manager/Analyst for the biggest software company in the world. To put it simply, I would look through a huge amount of numbers to then tell you a story about your business – such as if you are doing good or bad and where you should focus on improving. 

My husband is the most important part of my life, the love of my life, and an amazing friend who listens and cheers me up in sad moments. He’s also great at providing me with constructive feedback that even though sometimes I don't like what he's got to say – deep down I know that he is right.  

Justyna Robinson (Джастина Робинсон)

In my spare time I like to rollerblade or sunbake when I'm alone, but most of all I really love spending time with my friends as they are super-important to me! I love low profile catch-ups where everyone is dressed casual, puts down their phones and has heaps of fun and laughter. 

I have a few fashion idols who are very different from one another. I love simple but chic Victoria Beckham, I like sexy and crazy Rihanna, and I like edgy but sometimes tomboyish Gwen Stefani. However in the end I am myself and I wear whatever I want but these three women are surely my inspirations. 

I launched my website several months ago (www.justinfashion.today). On it you can find me doing DIY on my old clothes or making new pieces. I also do collaborations with different brands or stylish people in Dubai. I usually photograph myself or get my hubby to shoot me, either way I am the stylist and the creative director for all the shoots. I like to give a little JustInFashion twist to my work and show people different and creative ideas with thinking outside the box. 

In my free time I like to draw and design shoes. My dream is to one day have my own shoe collection or collaborate with someone. I have loved shoes since I was a teenager. I was so crazy about shoes and didn't know how to express my imagination on a piece of paper so I decided to learn how to draw shoes. I watched loads of drawing tutorials on YouTube until I was able to begin drawing them on my own. Now I am able to design my shoes and get creative - hopefully one day I will also be able to put these shoes on in real life.  

My closest friends and family would tell you that: I am a funny person and that I make people laugh. I have a super-confident and fierce appearance but I am cheeky and full of fun at the same time; I always have an opinion and I am straightforward. No matter the question - I have an answer for everything. Even if sometimes I don't know the answer, I will make something up... hahaha ...because that's me! As last they would say that I make new contacts easily using my networking gift from mother nature. As I love people and being surrounded by people, it comes very easy to me to talk with people.

Justyna Robinson (Джастина Робинсон)

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