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How to look like a million dollars every day without spending too much, time included

02.11.15, 13:25

Begin your week by answering the question that has been bothering you for long – to cut or not to cut? The majority of women resolve this dispute in favor of long hair. Many of the times such decision is made because long hair does not seem to require much styling in the mornings. Comb it, put it in a perfect ponytail and you are good to go. If even the ponytail is too time-consuming, simply let your hair down and you look okay already.  

But you do know that long hair is not as convenient as is commonly believed. Recall how many hours per week you spend on making it look alive and healthy? Think of how you have spent nearly all summer choosing the set of care products for the new season (it must have sun protection and deal with dry ends!) just to wake up to fall knocking at your door requiring a whole new set of qualities for shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. And when you visit beauty salons to “add shape” to your hairstyle you still pay the price of a complete haircut so what’s the catch?  

Now haircuts. They are not as scary as some people make them sound. And frankly speaking many of the haircuts are only meant to be styled once – in a salon right after you say goodbye to that mane of yours. Simply put, the right haircut can save your morning time and nerve. Just remember, haircuts meant for straight hair will never become “easy styles” for those with curly hair. You will still have to blow-dry and straighten it on a daily basis. So what haircut should you choose? Well, let’s see!

If your hair is naturally straight and flatlined go for a bob (doesn’t matter if it is long or classic). This haircut will not require any special styling and care skills. Get inspired by Marion Cotillard who can slightly curl the ends or even leave her hair intact. The famous Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya seems to occasionally forget about styling means and products. She also rocks disheveled bangs turning herself into a careless beautiful elf. If you are a perfectionist and want to create a certain form – keep in mind bob is an easy haircut to work with. Apply a little bit of foam (for volume) or any other fixation product on your wet hair, and when it dries simply spray its entire length with dry shampoo. 

Straight hair is one thing, but straight thin hair is a whole new story. Try the “pixie” haircut. It works perfectly with wash and go scenario. It is all about special feathering of strands that creates root volume. 

“Pixie” haircuts are popular with celebrities. Over the years it has been worn by Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Keira Knightley, the famous 60’s model and style icon Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and even princess Diana. Out of major advantages: “pixie” always looks good, works for everyone and does not require styling. 

You hair is neither straight, nor curly? It's a trend! All famous “beachy waves” of the recent years that celebrity stylists spend hours on are yours naturally. You simply need a multi-layered haircut to emphasize the beauty of what you already have. Front strands should be at your lips level – such extra-long fringe will create a stylish hairstyle. Right after shower apply the product emphasizing waves with your hands, divide your hair into separate strands – forget the brush and use your fingers. Wait for your hair to dry. 

Your hair feels like a sponge when you touch it? Stop torturing the nature of your hair on a daily basis, it will not do you any good. Forget about perfectly straight haircut edges (it is now popular to level hair ends with blades and not scissors). All of those are not your scenarios. If you are a happy owner of curly hair pick layered haircuts and do not cut too short. The most important part after you wash your hair is not to spoil its structure. Therefore right after shower apply soft conditioner onto your hair and comb the strands. Do not touch until your hair is dry. Trying to use hair dryer on your hair is equivalent to trying to help Da Vinci perfect his “Mona Lisa”. 

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