The most successful beauty bloggers without makeup

YouTube and Instagram celebrities whose number of subscribers exceeded one million.

22.09.15, 14:23

Their YouTube tutorials are watched by thousands of people on a daily basis, their blogs are full of reviews on a variety of new cosmetic brands, and their Instagram profiles are drug-addictive to millions of subscribers. Who are they - the top bloggers telling us about beauty and how do they look like without makeup? 


@maya_mia_y, 1.6M

Beauty blogger whom we’ve never seen bare-face. Except for the cases when she appears wearing sun glasses covering half of it. In any other respect Maya welcomes experimenting. She easily changes her makeup styles, colors of her favorite lipsticks, and hair too. She is a blonde one day, and has blue hair the other. Fans barely have enough time to like and copy Maya’s styles. 

Bethany Mota  

@bethanynoelm, 5M

Last year Bethany became the most frequently searched designer on Google. Still a teenager, she builds her own YouTube-empire. By the way, her videos have been around for nearly seven years and American teenagers love her! She laughs loudly, makes silly faces and takes selfies with and without makeup. She loves doing crazy things. In her videos Bethany shows how to decorate a room (it may not be perfect, but definitely will be fun), how to pack a lunch, what to wear for Christmas and what makeup is good to go out. She became a designer after she has created a collection for Aeropostale, a presentation of which she took across the US. 

Bethany Mota

Zoe Sugg  

@zozeebo, 5.8M

Meet a charming British lady – Zoe. She has started her blog when she was 19. She was so shy about her voice in her very first video that she put subtitles and background music instead, however a few years later she received the “Best British Blogger” and “Best Beauty Blog” awards. Later she appeared on the cover of the Company magazine and recorded an interview with One Direction. Zoe doesn’t shoot complex makeup tutorials, she mostly covers different beauty products and talks about her life. She is exciting and witty, hence the 5 million subscribers. 


@grav3yardgirl, 1.9M

This girl’s name is Bunny Meyer. If there is one blogger who is not afraid to show her face without makeup – that is Bunny. She also likes to shock others and does that brilliantly through her work. The images this fun Texas girl creates are often hard to adapt to ordinary life. However they will be perfect for a podium or a fashion-shoot! Bunny’s videos make you smile from the bottom of your heart. She not only demonstrates her makeup and hairstyling skills but also has a blast.


Ingrid Nilsen  

@ingridnilsen, 1.4M

Another American blogger, but this one is from Los Angeles. She often posts video jokes where she allows her boyfriend to do her makeup. Ingrid also decided to run her video blog based on the concept of a Christmas calendar with gifts for each day – instead of getting candy her viewers get one video about her life. Subscribers have attributed a special hashtag to this idea: #vlogmas (vlog + Christmas). Daily work that Ingrid puts to her channel has naturally affected its quality – now her vlog is on par with profile video websites. Ingrid has participated in “Project Runway: Threads”, as one of the judges, and appeared on VMA as a CoverGirl reporter. 


@yuyacst, 3,2M

Spanish blogger Yuya strikes with her super talents in express styling and her pleasant voice. By subscribing to her channel you will learn a lot about creating a perfect hairstyle. By the way, this is the only high-league beauty blogger who absolutely refuses to post her photos without makeup. That’s her solid professional position and most likely joy to cosmetic companies.


Michelle Phan  

@michellephan, 2M

Michelle is famous for her fantastic skill to use makeup to transform into any celebrity or fictional character. She may be Angelina Jolie or Daenerys from the “Game of Thrones” today, and turn into Lady Gaga tomorrow. She has begun her career path in 2007 when she nervously posted her very first video on YouTube. Michelle’s videos quickly became popular and were shared by major Internet portals which is how she got her first million of subscribers. In 2011 Lancôme has offered cooperation and Michelle became the official video makeup artist for the brand. After two years of successful cooperation with L’Oreal Michelle is launching her own brand with them – EM Cosmetics. Her videos are more than simple makeup tutorials, they are more of aesthetically beautiful mini-films always ending with a wish of good luck. Michelle rarely appears bare-face on her Instagram photos but she is obviously comfortable being herself and her fans appreciate that.

Huda Kattan 

@hudabeauty, 6,6M

Ethnic Arab born in Egypt, Huda has been living and working in Dubai for many years now. She is a professional makeup artist. She is also the most popular blogger in the Eastern hemisphere. Her YouTube tutorials are watched by thousands of people from different parts of the world. Huda is one of the top-10 Beauty Bloggers Worldwide Based in the US & Dubai. Recently she has launched her own line of eyelashes. Huda has only been noticed with no makeup (or nearly no makeup) in her own Instagram once. Nevertheless it did not make her any less interesting, did it? 

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