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25.12.15, 10:00

Upon getting back from Paris many girls forget ideal curls for a long time, and they stop torching their hair with a hair iron every morning. It is needless to say about all these handy hair stylers. But they start making appointments with the best hair-dresser in the city: one has decided to make a fringe; the other has decided to cut perfectly laminated long hair so much liked by relatives from South. If you decide to be the follower of the French style, the main thing you need to learn is a casual carelessness.

Therefore, keep in mind. Rule number one: if you cannot reject a labyrinthine styling at once, start from hair set on one side. Just dry your hair with a bell blow dryer, put some setting mousse and randomly distribute it by your fingers. Some more minutes to fix the effect with a blow dryer, and – voila! You need just to set your hair on one side, and then forget about them for the whole day. And the most pleasant is that neither wind nor hands of your beloved man damaging your ideal style before will harm your new image, they will be even useful making a final touch to sexual, romantic, brave and absolutely trendy mess in your hair. And one more secret for those who have greasy hair… If in the middle of a day your styling starts loosing the volume, take some transparent (colorless) powder to a wide makeup brush and slightly powder hair roots. Everything will be in its proper place.

Rule number two: the fringe is always on your side. Ragged, slightly uneven, and not too thick. Miroslava Duma and Suki Waterhouse have such fringe this year. In this case, length of remaining hair does not matter. Such fringe does not need a lot of time for setting. It can be even left with funny curled ends out. You can set it to the side, or impatiently fluff up right in the middle of a tough business meeting. And there should be no hair sprays, gels and cosmetic “gum” on the fringe. It is just pretty with its naturality and a drive for freedom.

Rule number three: put rosy-brown blush on cheek apples, then the glow will look natural at maximum. Natural color of your lips can be easily done if you put the lipstick not directly from the tube or with a brush, but tap it by finger cushions. In this case one can see color on your lips only but not plenty of the beauty product itself. Put some long lash mascara, and we are done with the makeup. Your image will be finalized with a lob on straight hair.

Smoky eyes? Any Frenchwoman will arch the eyebrows in surprise: why do you need it at all? We are not in the Hollywood, and we are not going to Hugh Hefner’s party. And, if you really need some exceptional makeup accentuating eyes, let it be the utmost delicate smoky. And it is not the fact that it will be based on black or graphite eye-shadow tint. It is more than likely it will be brown tint smoky, plus a lip gloss of natural color. Due to such combination the image will be modern, soft and complicated. And this is the rule number four.

Rule number five: wide eyebrows. They must be a bit darker that your hair roots. And their correct width must not make the eyes heavy. In particular it refers to farthing faced girls. And one more thing… In spite of the whole trendy carelessness which of course you may afford, eyebrows require orderliness. Yes – yes, you’ve heard it right. And such orderliness must be pedantic, estimated accurately to a certain day, as such eyebrows need the most frequent correction of the shape. For this purpose, it is easily to paint all excessive hair with white pencil, and then to remove them with tweezers. Light eyebrows can be made more visible with a pencil or matte shadow couple tints brighter. Blondes should note: intensive dark eyebrows may make your face look angry.

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